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......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ This document lists the tools and systems we use for Sivelkiria OS development.
| OS kernel primary language | C++ | Combines C low-level features and OOP support. |
| Low level build system | [CMake]( | Makes it easy building same code for different platforms while still controlling each compiler's attributes. Generates projects for all popular IDEs. |
| High level build system | TODO | Must be cross-platform and easy to maintain. Error control, splitting work into targets, improved log support are mandatory. |
| Fastest build system | [Ninja]( | Ease use for cmake: cmake -GNinja ... |
| ARM testing VM | QEMU | Open source and free. |
| Check code | cppcheck | Show more warnings |
| Compiler | clang + llvm | Primary compiler |
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